Pranayama- Ujjayi breathing in to lower abdomen and diaphragm (lying on back)

Mudra: Rupa Mudra for Bone Health

Body Awareness- place thin support under lumbar spine for isometric abdominal toning (belly button towards spine); one at a time, lift each knee to chest on exhale.

Asana work:
• Bridging with block between knees (slowly with hold)
• Glut/pirformis stretches on back
• Supta padangustasana
• Dog Pose with bent knees hand on chair
• L at wall with hands on wall
• Lunge at wall
• Chair on wall

With Chair:
• Hip stretch
• Hamstring stretch with extended leg on block
• Shoulder stretch with belt

• Tree Pose with foot on floor

• Modified Janusirsasana with arms on chair

Resting Pose
• Constructive Rest
• Savasana

Closing Mudra

Pala Mudra: “At peace within my inner being, I experience a greater sense of security”

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