“For me, the teacher training of Integrative Yoga Therapy has illuminated additional levels of presenting yoga, such as through the Chakras, Koshas, and Doshas; and by introducing Mudra, Nidra and Pranayama variations. Laura Staton’s skilled experience of yoga asanas and knowledge of Occupational Therapy successfully assimilate these levels and skills into a blended ensemble of teaching variations and personal experiences.”

-Dalienne Majors, Brooklyn, NY

“An excellent program with new areas of yoga training that I was unaware of. It brought me to a deeper understanding of how yoga works in a therapeutic way.”

“This is an excellent program. I learned so much about yoga, not just asana but also about the breathing, meditation and the 8 Limbs of Yoga. The program overall is very comprehensive.”

“Laura was/is an amazing instructor. Her knowledge of the human body, how it works, and how yoga can be applied and practiced is such a gift. I feel honored to have had the chance to learn from the best!”

“Laura's training was very well though out and organized. Her presentation style was very engaging and interactive.”

“I'm nearing the end of my 200 hour teacher training with Laura, and I don't really have the words to express my gratitude towards Laura or the group of people in my cohort. I think that the people in my training group reflects the type of people Laura attracts, people who are professional, interested and compassionate, people looking to bring yoga to others as a tool for healing and enhanced well-being.”

Thanks for that amazing class. I feel like I had a massage, stretch, and was brought into balance. So far so good. Hope I can hold onto that feeling. Opening up and twisting is so good for the soul. Eric’s horizon imagery was powerful. It is a memorable image and all around lesson, reminding us not to take the present for granted.
Terri, Brooklyn, NY

Laura diligently offered suggestions to bring stability to the hyper-mobile areas of our bodies and mobility for the stuck or tight places… She was not shy about pointing out our areas for growth. She also enthusiastically celebrated each student’s successes, giving voice to the changes she observed in stamina and range of motion.
Lauren Tepper

I feel great today.
Your classes are so rich.
Your sequencing was so thoughtful –
your instruction so precise,
your corrections so observant –
I felt like I was getting great bodywork session
(like Rolfing)
but it was me moving.”

Stuart, Brooklyn, NY

Laura Staton has been a godsend to my 13 year old daughter. Diagnosed with scoliosis, my daughter developed a slight hunch in her back. She was self conscious and embarassed whenever I drew attention to it. I contacted Laura through a referral and she came to our home to work with my daughter. Miraculously Laura was able to connect with her immediately and got my daughter to open up about her feelings about her back and posture. With Laura’s expertise and specialized knowledge, they designed a physical therapy series of exercises that my daughter can use to ameliorate her hunch. After just a few sessions with Laura, my daughter is already walking straighter and with more confidence. The exercises are easy to do, even fun, and require limited supervision. I feel grateful for Laura’s expert training and warm personality in treating my daughter and I highly recommend her.

Lisa Jean Moore, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, PhD, MPH, Brooklyn, NY