I like mornings – our energy and brains are clear and the day spans before us, however, I have never been a “morning” person. Once up, there are the daily list of things to do and the race to leave the house. If I wake up late, I am rushed and frantic and settle down over time. Finally these past few weeks since returning from my yoga retreat I have changed my pattern, which has felt thrilling. My new ritual involves getting up a full hour earlier, making coffee, feeding the birds, spreading out my yoga props and doing 45 minutes of yoga before the house wakes up.
Sometimes I listen to NPR or sometimes in full silence. I can begin fast or spend 10 minutes lying on blocks. The best of all is when my partner wakes up with me, and we practice yoga perpendicular to each other alongside the kitchen table. He diligently looks through the books and though a beginner doesn’t pepper me with questions. I give him verbal cues infrequently and usually only when he looks like he might try to perform a regrettable feat. The household slowly wakes up and a positive mood has been established.
Here is a ten-minute version:
Lying on two yoga blocks; place one behind your upper back and the other underneath your head (the head one should be higher then the back one) and breathe into your chest area while rolling your shoulders towards the floor. Legs can be bent or straight.
Then stand up and place your hands on the kitchen counter and walk your feet backwards (hip width apart or wider if your hamstrings are tight) until your chest is parallel to the floor (or as close as possible) and breathe while you bend and straighten your knees. Try to reach your sitting bones back behind you as you feel the stretch in your chest area, back and the back of your legs.
Start your day!