Two weeks ago, for a cable special on yoga for seniors, I was interviewed at Staten Island University Hospital along with 2 current and one former patient. Each of us was interviewed and the students very eloquently discussed the reasons and health considerations that brought them to yoga. Some memorable moments included Josephine reporting that she was so “brainwashed” by the surgeons, regarding the hip precautions following her total hip replacement, that she has had to slowly unlearn them again to equalize her hamstring length. Mary, very politely stated that her daughter (an OTR/L and colleague) had suggested she begin yoga because she had a “hunchback”, and Irene, who did yoga in inpatient rehab, said when she did yoga she just “felt better”.

Inspired by the event, Irene has since joined the outpatient yoga class and according to her daughter, hired a housecleaner, bought a new yoga outfit, and preordered her access-a-ride to bring her to class each week. I really enjoy teaching them as we collectively work on hamstring length, kyphosis, and increasing joint range. The only thing that takes me a minute to figure out sometimes – are the shoulder pads.