Well I came back from another Cambodian retreat with Simone Inns. The yoga was challenging and strong, the group dynamic and the countryside lush, hot and dramatic. We walked through 1000 year old temples, had noodle soup for breakfast, shopped in humid markets, rode in tuk-tuks, donned hats and sunscreen galore, re-visited the orphanage Simone sponsors, mandated a massage a day and were charmed by manic monkeys and bamboo fishing poles.
My 14-year-old son and I were in Phnom Penh for 2 days post retreat to view a darker period in Cambodia’s history. A dusty swirling busy city Phnom Penh was defined by visiting The Genocide Museum and The Killing Fields and a real life drama assisting in the resuscitation of a young drowned women.
What did I come back with? Two simple things: the importance of leisure time to relax, communicate and connect with yourself and others, and the importance of a consistent practice. The medium is not even the issue, but rather the solidity that a consistent practice brings. Choose your practice (I recommend yoga!) and bring it on. Oh, and also that Australians are pretty fun.