Occupational Therapy

As people age or movement limitations occur, the home environment can become increasingly challenging to navigate. Individuals adapt to their environment – when often the environment can adapt to them.

An occupational therapy home visit will assess the individual’s needs, goals and ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL’s) safely and recommend necessary adaptive (AE) or medical equipment (DME) as needed. The goal is to have each individual perform ADL’s with as much independence as possible, and a living an environment that supports ongoing safety and success.

The session will include an initial assessment of the patient’s goals, transfer skills and ADL status. The patients risk of falls will be evaluated and environment and bio-mechanical recommendations be made as needed.

A second session is strongly recommended to train the patient to use equipment, enhance transfer skills and update a therapeutic exercise program.

OT Home Based Assessment:
Sessions (75-90 mins): $150
Home visit prices may vary based on your location and travel time.

* To encourage optimal outcomes a caregiver or family member should be present during at least one OT session, to provide assistance (if required), and be educated on patients needs and home safety.

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