Yoga is a holistic practice as it brings together the body, breath and intellect in an effort to create “union” (yoga) or harmony within the body. Yoga has a unique ability to adapt to any age group, gender or physicality while developing strength, flexibility and body awareness. Over the past two decades, yoga has become increasingly popular and has since found a voice in mainstream medicine, along with other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), such as massage and acupuncture. Yoga is now used to treat a multiple of disabilities and can be used therapeutically in a variety of applications and settings such as nursing homes, inpatient and outpatient rehab, wellness centers and senior centers to name just a few.

Chair yoga is a dynamic approach to individuals with a variety of movement impairments who may not otherwise be able access the healing benefits of yoga. Chair yoga offers a safe and controlled approach to increased wellness and therapeutic participation resulting in improved movement patterns, increased sitting/standing posture, transfer training, breath awareness and pain management. At Staten Island University Hospital the class has become a much appreciated part of the rehabilitation process, with people in their 80 and 90’s feeling the benefits of yoga for the first time in their lives.

Laura is available to consult and create a yoga program for other hospitals or outpatient clinics who feel that their population would benefit from an individualized yoga practice designed for their specific patient or caregiver needs.

Please contact Laura for more information about a personalized chair yoga program. Feel free to explore the links below for free illustrations of in-home chair yoga exercises for arthritis, knees, hips and one-sided weakness.


A chair yoga program specifically designed for individuals with OA which focuses on increasing range of motion in joints to maintain and improve functional movement.
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A chair yoga program for individuals of any age who are recovering from full or partial knee arthroplasty to increase extension and promote functional use of affected leg.
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A chair yoga program for people with hip surgery or fractures, and maintains posterior/ lateral hip precautions.
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One-sided Weakness

A chair yoga program for people with one-sided weakness to promote bilateral use of extremities, trunk strength and increased postural balance.
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