June 2015 Update
IYT Teacher Training Month 8. We studied the nervous system’s response to stress – particularly the sympathetic/parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. Of course we focused primarily on restorative work and had a relatively stress free weekend. J. Brown was our dynamic guest yoga artist and shared both his process and his work with our enthusiastic group. Thank you Jason and great job group!

May 2015 Update
The class presented physiology reports with corresponding yoga classes and did an incredible job. They presented, structured and taught yoga classes to and for each other and subjects covered the Nervous System including the CNS, PNS, the sympathetic/paraspympathetic branches, mesenteric, respiratory, digestion, endocrine and reproductive systems. We also did a 4 hour restorative workshop Friday night which began the weekend with great calm. Good job ladies!

April Update
Michael Gates charmed and enlightened the group about how to access our chakra’s through awareness, breath, time and yoga asana. The spring air buoyed the group in to new learning, experiences, body mapping and back bending was experienced by all – inspired by recent time spent in Nepal with Simone Inns. Harvey, of course, was very interested in the snacks.

March Update
We are 7 strong and 4 months into our Lulu OT + Yoga 2014-2015 Integrative Yoga Therapy 200 Hour Teacher Training. Erica Roper, Dalienne Majors, Camille L’ Insalata, April Chick, Lior Farkas, Kaylee Rutchik and Francesca Zaccheo comprise a dynamic and highly professional group of women who are expanding their skills to include the yoga therapy. So far our studies have included the history of yoga, class structure, body literacy, ayurveda and yoga, the koshas, the vayu’s, asana structure, form and sequencing, and the ongoing exploration of functional anatomy with movement. Guest speakers have been the fierce Iyengar teacher Nahmeh Ahi, Ava Gerber of Brooklyn’s Lucky Lotus and somatic based social worker Stacy Klien. Next months guest is Andrew Sugerman to explore breath based yoga therapy in the tradition of Vini yoga. We look forward to our journey.