Mr. Iyengar died early this morning (8/20/14) at the age of 95. Although I never got the chance to study yoga with him, I have been a student of his techniques for over 15 years. As a trained modern dancer, his techniques went beyond the joyful movement of asana, (which I naturally loved), and taught me to go deeper into the experience of the body. His techniques brought together the physical body as a whole world: the skin, the organs, the muscles, and the bones. They also brought in the energy of the body with the breath, the weight, the multi-directions and the great miraculous extension the Iynegar technique is famous for. Every yoga class, every yoga pose, was a full diet.

When learning the news this morning my first though was I wondered if savasana (corpse pose) had helped him pass – and then I thought my thought was stupid. Later when practicing yoga in my kitchen I listened to a cardiologist on NPR speak about how truly arduous of an act it was to die and I thought maybe my question wasn’t so stupid after all.
Thank you Mr. Iyengar for all the beauty and magic of your teachings.