Monday-Friday, October 28-November 1 2-5pm each day
Full week: $260 in advance
Any four sessions: $210 in advance
Any three sessions: $160 in advance
Any two sessions: $115 in advance
One session only: $60 in advance/$65 drop-in
*Early-bird if registered by September 24

Ground Up and Back Again – A smart way to look after your hips and shoulders is a five-day workshop to empower students to develop greater confidence in their practice. Special needs will be addressed and individual remedial issues will be discussed as part of the daily workshop. This workshop will inform and educate students with techniques and remedial modifications to use in their daily practice.

Initially we will be looking at the feet and their impact to asanas.  We will discover how modifications of the feet and legs can adjust and give access to the difficulties in asana – in particular to the hip and shoulder region. These ideas have been developed to provide specific mobilizations and alternatives to strengthen and alleviate non-specific symptoms experienced by students.

Monday will focus on feet shins knees; Tuesday: knees, thigh to pelvis; Wednesday: pelvis to shoulders and then Thursday and Friday will focus on inversions and backbends with Pranayama.

From this firm foundation of the feet and legs, each day will include a group of asanas to work from including, standing poses, seated poses, forward extensions, twists & backbends and inversions. We will reflect upon these five key elements within the classes:

  • Practice and develop insight and exploring different experiences
  • Understanding the relationship between what is fear and pain
  • Cultivating detachment and looking for clarity
  • Registering feedback systems to ensure a safe practice
  • Understanding Iyengar Yoga and the process of working with injuries
  • Students developing their own skills in recognising modifications needed  to suit their individual conditions or injuries.

Ground Up and Back Again – A Smart Way to Look After your Hips and Shoulders workshop will be strongly connected and linked by the Yama’s and Niyamas – the first two branches of Astanga Yoga of which these disciplines form the basis of our ethical practice.