Professional Integrative Yoga Therapist Program

I decided to bite the bullet the last weeks of August and begin my study of Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu Mass. Integrative Yoga Therapy was started by Joseph and Lillian LePage and is based on a multi limbed approach to yoga therapy integrating asana, pranayama, mudra, Yoga Nidra, mantra, and meditation into a unifying [...]

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Dad's First Yoga Class

My 74 year-old father was in town for Memorial Day weekend and I made him take a yoga class. Though fit from years of tennis, gardening, and ballroom dancing, his basic stance on yoga is not atypical of his generation; one of dismissal and moderate disdain. He had his head in his laptop until 2 [...]

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Yoga City Feature

Laura was recently featured on Yoga City. Read the entire article below about a visit to Jennifer Brilliant's studio for Laura's Yoga Therapeutics class. From Yoga City: On a sunny winter afternoon, Sleuth expanded her horizons, entering a therapeutics yoga class for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, I placed my mat in [...]

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Take 10

I like mornings - our energy and brains are clear and the day spans before us, however, I have never been a “morning” person. Once up, there are the daily list of things to do and the race to leave the house. If I wake up late, I am rushed and frantic and settle down [...]

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Reflections on Cambodia

Well I came back from another Cambodian retreat with Simone Inns. The yoga was challenging and strong, the group dynamic and the countryside lush, hot and dramatic. We walked through 1000 year old temples, had noodle soup for breakfast, shopped in humid markets, rode in tuk-tuks, donned hats and sunscreen galore, re-visited the orphanage Simone [...]

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The sciatic nerve innervates all muscles of the posterior thigh, leg and foot. It is as thick as a finger and is formed from the nerve roots that originate from the sacral plexus (groups of nerves) that emerge from the vertebrae between L4 and S3. It is actually two combined nerves, the tibeal nerve and [...]


Peace & Quiet

It has been a tough few weeks for us New Yorker’s. The damage from the hurricane was profound and the resulting trauma will linger - weeks for the lucky ones and forever for others. Lives ended, homes and property were destroyed and people suffered. Community support has been tremendous and resources continue to emerge for [...]

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Over the weekend Sarah Perron and I taught a Baby Om Teacher Training in Brooklyn, and due to the subject matter (post partum yoga), I was reminded once again of the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor.  In yoga terminology this action is called Mula Bandha or “root lock” and is associated with the action [...]



The fall is here and the summer has departed. I keep reading how fall is a time for renewal but I feel unprepared, and find myself wanting to retain the sweetness of the previous season - do the sunshine, watermelon and smells of sunscreen and cut grass really have to end? Sigh, I suppose so [...]


How To Make Butter

Inspired by an organic farm, a cow and a glass jar. Find organic heavy cream. We were given ours from Kate (owner of organic farm) skimming the cream off the top of a bucket of milk, recently taken from a grass fed cow. At present, we have to settle for purchased heavy cream, though still [...]

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