Peace & Quiet

It has been a tough few weeks for us New Yorker’s. The damage from the hurricane was profound and the resulting trauma will linger - weeks for the lucky ones and forever for others. Lives ended, homes and property were destroyed and people suffered. Community support has been tremendous and resources continue to emerge for [...]

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Over the weekend Sarah Perron and I taught a Baby Om Teacher Training in Brooklyn, and due to the subject matter (post partum yoga), I was reminded once again of the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor.  In yoga terminology this action is called Mula Bandha or “root lock” and is associated with the action [...]



The fall is here and the summer has departed. I keep reading how fall is a time for renewal but I feel unprepared, and find myself wanting to retain the sweetness of the previous season - do the sunshine, watermelon and smells of sunscreen and cut grass really have to end? Sigh, I suppose so [...]


Reasons To Exercise

You feel better. You age better. You look better. You might live longer. Your metabolism and digestion improve. Your heart and your lungs work harder which increases your lung capacity, and O2 exchange so your brain works better. Your bone density will improve which means you will stand up straighter for longer and may get [...]

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How To Make Butter

Inspired by an organic farm, a cow and a glass jar. Find organic heavy cream. We were given ours from Kate (owner of organic farm) skimming the cream off the top of a bucket of milk, recently taken from a grass fed cow. At present, we have to settle for purchased heavy cream, though still [...]

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Occupational Life

In graduate school I was taught that the more people could engage in the enjoyable activities of their youth, the healthier they age. At first I was stunned to hear this because I always believed that as people age, their interests evolved. We learn new things, we grow, we change. My professor at NYU clarified [...]

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Fragments from Cambodia

6:30 am daily yoga with a kick ass Australian Iyengar teacher Simone Inns and no OT though the country could use it. Many lost limbs from land minds. The air is hot and humid and the body literally breaks out into a sheen. Despite the humidity the land can feel dry. The temples are almost [...]

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Change is hard - whirls you out of your comfort zone. If you had asked me a month ago if I could survive without half and half in my morning coffee, I would have gasped. My motto has typically been “everything in moderation”; which allowed me to indulge in the French pastry, gelato con panna, [...]



Please excuse, in advance, the self centered nucleus of this blog. My last two weeks have been trying and have included, among other things, the element of water in a variety of situations. Typically I either drink water, or bath in it, but these two weeks have found water hydrating my son during surgery, cleansing [...]


Respect Your Heart

February is heart month and yesterday, February 3rd, was National Wear Red Day, which found much of the senior staff at our hospital wearing vibrant red in order to draw attention to the fact that heart disease kills women. Often thought of as the number one killer of men, the fact that women are at [...]

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