Publishers Clearing House

Last week I taught a chair yoga class at Publishers Clearing House in Chelsea as part of their corporate wellness day. Dues to space (and time) limitations we ended up doing two 30-minute sessions. Although not easy to interrupt deskwork fever to do a mindful yoga practice in the middle of the day, the participants [...]

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Barrier Free Living

I taught a chair based yoga class for people with disabilities at Barrier Free Living on the lower east side. The students were enthusiastic, focused and participatory - what more could a yoga teacher want? Read more

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Lists are straightforward and make educated choices accessible. Here are a few commendable lists from Harvard Women’s Health Watch Newsletters: October 2012 (volume 20, #2) 5 of the best exercises you’ll ever do: Swimming: The perfect workout as the buoyancy of the water takes strain off joints. Good for individuals with osteoarthritis. Tai Chi: Moving [...]



Brene Brown, in her CD series called The Power of Vulnerability, discusses 10 guideposts for what she calls “wholehearted” living; cultivating authenticity, cultivating self compassion, cultivating a resilient spirit, cultivating gratitude and joy, cultivating intuition and trusting faith, cultivating creativity, cultivating play and rest, cultivating calm and stillness, cultivating meaningful work and cultivating laughter song [...]


Dad's First Yoga Class

My 74 year-old father was in town for Memorial Day weekend and I made him take a yoga class. Though fit from years of tennis, gardening, and ballroom dancing, his basic stance on yoga is not atypical of his generation; one of dismissal and moderate disdain. He had his head in his laptop until 2 [...]

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Take 10

I like mornings - our energy and brains are clear and the day spans before us, however, I have never been a “morning” person. Once up, there are the daily list of things to do and the race to leave the house. If I wake up late, I am rushed and frantic and settle down [...]

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Reflections on Cambodia

Well I came back from another Cambodian retreat with Simone Inns. The yoga was challenging and strong, the group dynamic and the countryside lush, hot and dramatic. We walked through 1000 year old temples, had noodle soup for breakfast, shopped in humid markets, rode in tuk-tuks, donned hats and sunscreen galore, re-visited the orphanage Simone [...]

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New Years Hate

All my friends hate New Years Eve. In fact, one refused to come out and another got a migraine. We were similarly low key. I attribute it to aging because it comes with an automatic expectation of self -reflection and stocktaking; the more we live, the greater our span of history to reflect on.  Sometimes [...]

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The Week After

Another harrowing event in the NY area and more questions raised this week in the public consciousness. Overwhelming horror, sadness and tragedy has brought about discussions which address mental health care policies, services and classifications, gun control laws, maternal responsibility for managing “difficult” children, video game violence, leisure time pursuits (guns?) and a healthy dose [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

"STARFISH" by Eleanor Lerman This is what life does. It lets you walk up to the store to buy breakfast and the paper, on a stiff knee. It lets you choose the way you have your eggs, your coffee. Then it sits a fisherman down beside you at the counter who say, Last night, the [...]

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