Thank YOU

In my hospital job, it is customary for my manager Nora to print out letters of appreciation that we occasionally receive from our patients. In honor of that tradition, and as yoga teachers we know it is even less frequent, I am posting a recent email I received from a student. To all the yoga [...]

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Publishers Clearing House

Last week I taught a chair yoga class at Publishers Clearing House in Chelsea as part of their corporate wellness day. Dues to space (and time) limitations we ended up doing two 30-minute sessions. Although not easy to interrupt deskwork fever to do a mindful yoga practice in the middle of the day, the participants [...]

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Barrier Free Living

I taught a chair based yoga class for people with disabilities at Barrier Free Living on the lower east side. The students were enthusiastic, focused and participatory - what more could a yoga teacher want? Read more

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What are Cervical Stenosis and Myelopathy?

Cervical Stenosis: Is when the spinal canal is too small for the spinal cord. A normal canal diameter is approximately 13-15mm and a narrowing of the canal of less than 10mm diameter is associated with cervical stenosis. A canal of below 13mm is considered at risk for stenosis. Symptoms of cervical stenosis include neck pain [...]

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Herniated Discs, Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis

Dr Loren Fishman, a back-pain and rehabilitative medicine specialist who has long incorporated yoga into patient care and studies Iyengar Yoga, published an article in the New York Times on 5/8/13 called Advice on Practicing Yoga in Middle age. Responding to questions about practicing yoga with herniated disc Dr. Fishman made the following statements: - [...]

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Brene Brown, in her CD series called The Power of Vulnerability, discusses 10 guideposts for what she calls “wholehearted” living; cultivating authenticity, cultivating self compassion, cultivating a resilient spirit, cultivating gratitude and joy, cultivating intuition and trusting faith, cultivating creativity, cultivating play and rest, cultivating calm and stillness, cultivating meaningful work and cultivating laughter song [...]


Take 10

I like mornings - our energy and brains are clear and the day spans before us, however, I have never been a “morning” person. Once up, there are the daily list of things to do and the race to leave the house. If I wake up late, I am rushed and frantic and settle down [...]

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Reflections on Cambodia

Well I came back from another Cambodian retreat with Simone Inns. The yoga was challenging and strong, the group dynamic and the countryside lush, hot and dramatic. We walked through 1000 year old temples, had noodle soup for breakfast, shopped in humid markets, rode in tuk-tuks, donned hats and sunscreen galore, re-visited the orphanage Simone [...]

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The sciatic nerve innervates all muscles of the posterior thigh, leg and foot. It is as thick as a finger and is formed from the nerve roots that originate from the sacral plexus (groups of nerves) that emerge from the vertebrae between L4 and S3. It is actually two combined nerves, the tibeal nerve and [...]



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