Dads Yoga

At 75, my dad is starting his yoga practice. The facts are as follows; he is basically thin and fit, a tennis player who regularly plays with head rackets, gardener and avid ballroom dancer. A psychiatrist, which makes him precise, direct and punctuated with shoulder tension. He has a history of asthma and abandonment issues [...]

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What are Cervical Stenosis and Myelopathy?

Cervical Stenosis: Is when the spinal canal is too small for the spinal cord. A normal canal diameter is approximately 13-15mm and a narrowing of the canal of less than 10mm diameter is associated with cervical stenosis. A canal of below 13mm is considered at risk for stenosis. Symptoms of cervical stenosis include neck pain [...]

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Herniated Discs, Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis

Dr Loren Fishman, a back-pain and rehabilitative medicine specialist who has long incorporated yoga into patient care and studies Iyengar Yoga, published an article in the New York Times on 5/8/13 called Advice on Practicing Yoga in Middle age. Responding to questions about practicing yoga with herniated disc Dr. Fishman made the following statements: - [...]

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Dad's First Yoga Class

My 74 year-old father was in town for Memorial Day weekend and I made him take a yoga class. Though fit from years of tennis, gardening, and ballroom dancing, his basic stance on yoga is not atypical of his generation; one of dismissal and moderate disdain. He had his head in his laptop until 2 [...]

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Reasons To Exercise

You feel better. You age better. You look better. You might live longer. Your metabolism and digestion improve. Your heart and your lungs work harder which increases your lung capacity, and O2 exchange so your brain works better. Your bone density will improve which means you will stand up straighter for longer and may get [...]

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Highlights from the 35th Annual Interdisciplinary Spinal Cord Course

Biomechanics of the Weight-Bearing Shoulder after SCI: Implications for Clinical PracticeSara Mulroy, PhD. PT Shoulder pain remains a largely untreated problem today (secondary disability) Most common cause is chronic impingement syndrome with 65% displaying evidence of RC tear. 92% with supraspinatus impingement. Study looked at demands that are placed on the shoulder joint with a [...]

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Spinal Cord Institute

One of the nice things about my job is that I learn new things. In late June, I was able to attend the 35th Annual Interdisciplinary Spinal Cord Course at the renowned Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It was just my second time in Chicago (the first over a decade ago for my cousins wedding), but [...]

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The Rotator Cuff

When I was in Cambodia, one of our group members, Craig, tore his rotator cuff badly and ended up in agonizing pain. He became an overnight patient in a Cambodian hospital not once, but twice. Lets explore the job of the rotator cuff. The four rotator cuff muscles secure the humeral head into the shallow [...]

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Purchasing Durable Medical Equipment

Over the course of the past few months I have needed to recommend Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for individuals whom needed to increase their home safety. Listed below are several reliable Brooklyn and Manhattan stores, which have a comprehensive selection of DME, deliver and accept insurance. Common DME for home use include: commodes, raised toilet [...]

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