Spinal Fusions

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Last week a yoga student of mine fell off a ladder and fractured his first lumbar vertebrae. On Monday he underwent a spinal fusion to join together 5 vertebrae, the two above (T11, T12) and the two below (L2, L3). What is a spinal fusion? With a lumbar fusion, a posterolateral approach is common which […]

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Rotator Cuff Dysfuntion

rotator cuff injury, heal rotator cuff

The Rotator Cuff: Supraspinatus- Abductor Infraspinatus- Major external rotator Teres Minor- Assists with external rotation Subscapularis- Internal rotator All 4 muscles serve to stabilize and perform the above actions on the head of the humerus without allowing the scapula to overcome the glenohumeral joint. The result is a smooth rotational movement of the joint to […]

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Seating and Wheelchair Positioning

wheelchair position, occupational therapy, yoga

Wheelchair Seating & Positioning Laura Staton, OTR/L, RYT Staten Island University Hospital 10/19/13 The Pelvis The pelvis links the vertebral column with the LE’s and defines the base of the trunk. Pelvic bowl formed by 2 pelvic bones (ilium, ischium, pubis) and sacrum. Important bony landmarks are ASIS, PSIS and ischial tuberosity (sitting bone). The […]

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Lulu, Gaia & Miles Tell All

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Barrier Free Living empowers individuals with disabilities to live independent, dignified lives free of abuse. Check out the Barrier Free Living website for ways to donate.

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Publishers Clearing House

publishers clearing house, laura staton, occupational therapy

Last week I taught a chair yoga class at Publishers Clearing House in Chelsea as part of their corporate wellness day. Dues to space (and time) limitations we ended up doing two 30-minute sessions. Although not easy to interrupt deskwork fever to do a mindful yoga practice in the middle of the day, the participants […]

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Professional Integrative Yoga Therapist Program

integrative yoga brooklyn ny laura staton

I decided to bite the bullet the last weeks of August and begin my study of Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu Mass. Integrative Yoga Therapy was started by Joseph and Lillian LePage and is based on a multi limbed approach to yoga therapy integrating asana, pranayama, mudra, Yoga Nidra, mantra, and meditation into a unifying […]

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Barrier Free Living

barrier free living nyc

I taught a chair based yoga class for people with disabilities at Barrier Free Living on the lower east side. The students were enthusiastic, focused and participatory – what more could a yoga teacher want? Read more

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Baby Om

Check out Sarah and I on Veria Living TV!

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What are Cervical Stenosis and Myelopathy?

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Cervical Stenosis: Is when the spinal canal is too small for the spinal cord. A normal canal diameter is approximately 13-15mm and a narrowing of the canal of less than 10mm diameter is associated with cervical stenosis. A canal of below 13mm is considered at risk for stenosis. Symptoms of cervical stenosis include neck pain […]

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Lists are straightforward and make educated choices accessible. Here are a few commendable lists from Harvard Women’s Health Watch Newsletters: October 2012 (volume 20, #2) 5 of the best exercises you’ll ever do: Swimming: The perfect workout as the buoyancy of the water takes strain off joints. Good for individuals with osteoarthritis. Tai Chi: Moving […]

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