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Baby Om Teacher Training

In our May 16-17th Teacher Training, Baby Om was pleased to host an amazing group of yoga trainees (and one man!) from all over the globe. We were honored that our students came from as far away as Hong Kong, Poland, Argentina (via Florida), California, Tennesee and DC to learn Baby Om techniques. We look forward to staying connected with this talented group an seeing what they will do in the future. Lior Farkas, a current Lulu OT & Yoga IYT 200 Hour trainee attended the training in anticipation of her imminent move to Isreal as did Francesca Zaccheo who will be subbing for the Brooklyn Baby Class.


Baby Om

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Over the weekend Sarah Perron and I taught a Baby Om Teacher Training in Brooklyn, and due to the subject matter (post partum yoga), I was reminded once again of the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor.  In yoga terminology this action is called Mula Bandha or “root lock” and is associated with the action of lifting the muscles of the pelvic floor (perineum)  “in and up” towards the posterior navel.

Kegel exercises engage the muscles of the pelvic floor and are essentially the same action as engaging Mula Bandha. This action is important for the health and support of the bladder and reproductive organs for both men and women. It is also important for individuals with any degree of urinary incontinence to practice kegel exercises on a daily basis.

To find these muscles – draw the front, side, and back of the perineum inwards and upwards with a slow contraction, and then release with an equally slow contraction. If this is difficult to feel sitting in a cross-legged position, then lying down with the hips on a pillow can facilitate that action by eliminating gravity. Try to do 10 kegels a day.

Harvard’s Women’s Health Watch mentioned in the October Issue, Volume 20, #2 that the 5 best exercises are: Swimming, Tai chi, Strength training, Walking and Kegels. (sniff, yoga wasn’t on the list!)