Laura Staton is an Occupational Therapist and registered yoga teacher (E-200/500 RYT).

She is an affiliate teacher of Integrative Yoga Therapy and will be teaching a 200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program in Brooklyn in the Fall of 2014.

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Iyengar RIP

Mr. Iyengar died early this morning (8/20/14) at the age of 95. Although I never got the chance to study yoga with him, I have been a student of his techniques for over 15 years. As a trained modern dancer, his techniques went beyond the joyful movement of asana, (which I naturally loved), and taught […]

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Staten Island University Hospital Yoga

Two weeks ago, for a cable special on yoga for seniors, I was interviewed at Staten Island University Hospital along with 2 current and one former patient. Each of us was interviewed and the students very eloquently discussed the reasons and health considerations that brought them to yoga. Some memorable moments included Josephine reporting that […]

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It been almost 2 months since I left for Texas to finish the 500 hour Integrative Yoga Therapy Training I started last August at Kripalu. We were lucky to be a small, cohesive group of 22 students plus a handful of teachers, and equally lucky to be staying on the grounds of a Hindu temple, […]

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“In what ways is simply listening already a healing process and therapy for both the client and the yoga therapist?” Being heard and understood is a primal need most humans require. In infants, it becomes a matter of physical survival (hungry, tired, uncomfortable) and in adults it creates connection & peace and is a huge […]

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Dads Yoga

At 75, my dad is starting his yoga practice. The facts are as follows; he is basically thin and fit, a tennis player, gardener and avid ballroom dancer. A psychiatrist, which makes him precise, direct and punctuated with shoulder tension. He has a history of asthma and abandonment issues (mother) and above all stays far […]

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Occupational Therapy + Yoga

Along with traditional OT methods, yoga will be used to remediate and strengthen necessary biomechanical or postural deficits.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a great way to practice in the comfort of your own home. It helps with flexibility and overall fitness.

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Read more about the upcoming Brooklyn IYT training.